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We are super excited to have you here and be a part of your new career.

We are Improve Educations, a proud partner of SATS and we are experts in the human body.
Our task is to give you the best possible basic knowledge when it comes to anatomy, physiology and the basics of training.


If you are applying for a job in SATS and you don’t have an adequate basic education in exercise theory, anatomy and physiology, yaou need this examination in order to pass the licensing in GXI Foundations and become an instructor.

Since the course is online you can easily decide your own study tempo, however we highly recommend that you finish this education before you start up the practical work in GXI Foundations (ca 5 week s from Recruitment Event). If you study 2-3 h per day for 1-2 weeks you have very good chances of passing the examination. We believe in you!


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Sweden | Svenska

🇸🇪 2495 SEK ink. moms (25% moms)

Norway | ENGLISH

🇳🇴 2595 NOK ink. moms (25% VAT)

Finland | ENGLISH

🇫🇮 249€ ink. moms (24% VAT)

Denmark | ENGLISH

🇩🇰 1795 DKK ink. moms (25% VAT)