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This is the perfect complement for you as a Les Mills-instructor.
You will learn all the  basics when it comes to anatomy, physiology and the basics of training.
All packaged in a one of a kind online course!

How is the course structured?

What will I learn throughout the course?

Can I continue the education to become a Personal Trainer?

We already know that you're an awesome instructor. But we also know that there are some parts that could be useful you as well! 

That's why we have created this groundbreaking online course, designed for you as an instructor. You will learn the most important about anatomy, physiology and the basics of training!

Which will give you even more confidence both for you in your instructor role and more credibility towards your participants!

To get started is free!

To give you a feel and look of our course, we have created a free trial course. Which gives you a deep insight of how the course looks and is structured.

A unique Les Mills deal!

Thanks to being the official provider to Les Mills. You will get a great deal!

Official retail price - €399 in. VAT
Les Mills price - 245€ inc. VAT
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Modern, on demand and simple!

All of the course content is based on research and evidence, which means that it is pure facts that you will learn. Through modern training videos with 3D animations, filmed material and a professional teacher, you get an online education like no other!

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Course contains

  • The Fitness industry's most modern course
  • 100% video with subtitles
  • Over 150 unique videos with questions
  • Lifetime access

Improve yourself in

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Basics of Training

    All course content is customized for Fitness Instructors. So wether your and active Instructor or soon to be, this course suit you perfectly!

Want to become a Personal Trainer?

We are working with the best Personal Training school in Scandinavia. Therefore, after completing our course PT Prep you will be able to continue on your journey of becoming a Personal Trainer and save both time and money. Thanks to your Improve Educations certificate!